Sabino Canyon Tram will Re-open to the Top

Sabino Canyon’s tram will reopen so it can take visitors to the top. Last year’s heavy rain in late July caused rockslides that blocked the tram path after Stop 4, which is half way up the almost 4 mile road that offers splendid views of the lush canyon and Santa Catalina  mountains. The federal government has approved $1.2 million for the repair which is hoped to be completed by this Winter. “The Arizona Daily Star” stated local popular personalities–Mel Zuckerman, of the famous Canyon Ranch Spa (which is located a few miles from Sabino Canyon) and Jim Click ,who owns many Tucson car dealerships, will mount a major capital campaign for Sabino Canyon improvements.  It is great news that this Southwest treasure will be restored. Sabino Canyon is Tucson’s # 1 tourist attraction and is located in the Northeast in the Coronado National Forest.

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