Scottsdale – Paradise Valley versus Tucson Foothills Luxury Homes

My family and I just returned from a few day getaway at Camelback Inn in Scottsdale – Paradise Valley area.  Camelback Inn’s  surrounding landscape looks much like Tucson, which is unique to Scottsdale  area that seems to move away from the natural pristine Sonaran desert beauty to contrived manicured lawns with palm trees.  However, to be perfectly honest, where I live in  the Tucson Foothills is more spectacular with more than a few Mountain Ranges enveloping us.  In fact,  in the beauty category, Tucson  has Scottsdale beat by miles.  Some other big positives are the lack of air pollution  and much less congestion in Tucson versus Scottsdale ….it was great getting home and now I appreciate where I live much more.  I kept wondering why people seeking a second home or a place to retire don’t always explore Tucson or beautiful neighboring Oro Valley.  I know Scottsdale is more popular and I guess from my standpoint, I do not know why. 

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