What the best real estate agents have is tenacity, as do all the candidates who are still in the race–Clinton, Obama, and McCain. When we list a property in a very strong buyers’  market we keep going and keep looking for new ways to improve the desirability and marketing of the property. When we are working with buyers who are worried about the values going down and want to take the best advantage of getting a deal, we continuously show them the numbers, the comparables of what has sold in the last six months; we preview and do not waste the buyers’ time looking at homes that do not fit their needs. We look at the mortage interest rates on a daily basis and when we think they are very advantageous, we tell the buyers to try to seize the day.  We become closer partners with our clients since our relationship will probably be longer and  conversations more multiple. The importance of having a good real estate agent during the present market period can not be stressed enough. Go with the agent who has  solid references and experience selling in a market similar to the one Tucson has now. Then you can not go wrong; she will lead you down the path perhaps less chosen, but much more worthwhile.

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