Open Enrollment into Catalina Foothills District 16 Schools

Just a reminder– now Catalina FoothillsDistrict 16 is accepting children open -enrolled from TUSD and you can open enroll your children at any time during the school year. Keep in mind, some schools could be full –with Manzanita  Elementary being the most likely to be full. I know there is still room at Ventana Vista Elementary. This is a good time to check these District 16 schools out while school is still in session.  It is great news for families residing in neighborhoods where the District 16 schools are actually closer to them than the TUSD schools they are districted to attend. Also many parents work near the District 16 schools and can just drop them off on the way to school. District 16 schools have a great after-school elementary program that is not expensive and is open early in the AM and at night until 6:30PM. This break-through  change of policy allowing children out of TUSD will make homes districted for TUSD that are close to District 16 schools easier to sell. 

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