My Opinion-The Best Candidate to be President

The economic climate is so turbulent now! My opinion is that Barak Obama is the best choice to be our next President. We need a brilliant person with a stellar educational background who can easily assimulate all the information from Wall Street and the World Market. If through some tragedy Sarah Palin ever had to assume the Presidency, it would even be a worse situation than if John McCain becomes our leader; she is a super-lightweight in economic affairs and does not have the educational background to be a good leader during the most turbulent economic time since the Great Depression.  It is  apparent  to me that much of the vast amount of US Dollars that we are flooding into Iraq has to be re-channeled into  re- boosting the American economy. It is unlikely that the man whose claim to fame is the “Iraq Surge” will be for a massive troop cut.  John McCain’s strength is not in economics and Sarah Palin does not have the background to become President on a moment’s notice. Barak is brillliant and inspiring; he is the leader America so needs now!

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