Healthy Number of Tucson Luxury Foothills Homes Under Contract

There are 47 high- end Tucson Foothills Luxury homes list -priced between 500K and 3.5 million that are in the prime Foothills zip codes of 85750 and 85718 that are UNDER CONTRACT. There are 11 homes under contract that are list- priced between 600-700K. I have my Placita Alhaja listing range-priced between 675K -700K also under contract, so I personally know how challenging this price-range has been. We Foothills agents are taking a sigh of relief that homes aggressively priced do, indeed, move. In the past few months there have been no Foothills homes sold in this 600-700K price range, so this represents a tremendous increase in the number of sales.

Here is how the stats fall:

500-600K        8

600-700K        11

700-800K          7

800-900K          3

900-1mil            4

1 mil -1.5 mil     9

1.5 mil-3.5 mil    5

Keep in mind, I have done my best to accurately reflect the Tucson MLS stats, but minor mistakes could have been made.

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