Some Hints to Make Tucson Foothills Homes For Sale More Appealing

It strikes me that there are two things that can help make most homes become more appealing to buyers.  One is work to make your home have the best curb- appeal possible. Spend more money on custom landscaping that is tasteful, yet not overbearing.  Water features are appealing; saguaros and ocotillos add much to the desert landscape and there are many multi-colored plantings that if interspersed can make a home have a dream exterior appearance. Mesquisite Valley has a huge variety of plants to pick from; if you have good vision you can do it yourself or you can bring your landscaper with you to help you choose the right plants.  New outdoor light fixtures can make a home look more inviting. Nothing looks worse on an upscale home than to have cheap exterior lighting which can include those attached to the home that were cheaply chosen by the builder to cut final costs. Additionally it is a turn-off to see walkway lighting that sometimes include cheap blue solar lights–spend a little more money and get tasteful accent, exterior home and walkway lighting. Make your home  sparkle and stand out and you will sell your home quicker and at a higher price and it will not take a lot of funds to see a transformation! Landscape lighting highlighting palms and saguraos, and special custom plants really make the house become the most inviting and stand out from the other neighborhood homes that tend to be run- of- the- mill. 

 I also suggest Sellers start  requesting agents schedule showings (especially second showings made by agents that have clients that are showing special interest in your home) at sunset if you have a great city  lights view or you have a gorgeous mountain view. Homes with tasteful accent lighting really look spectacular at dusk when the lights first come on. Make sure your timers are set to have the lights come on at dusk.  Turn the waterfalls and pool /spa lights on, too. Our sunsets are spectacular  so why not make sure the potential buyers view your home when it shows the best?

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