Still Time to Open Enroll into Catalina Foothills – District 16 Schools

I called the Catalina Foothills РDistrict 16 school administration office this week and was told they are still taking applications for open-enrollee students into their coveted schools, on a case-by-case basis. They also informed me that open-enrolled children are not eligible to use their school buses, even if they live in adjacent, out of the district neighborhoods. I had thought that children living at Shadows @ Sabino which is districted for TUSD, but backs up to Synder Rd which has Catalina Foothills bus service on the road would allow out of district kids on the school bus. I was wrong about this! This neighborhood is only a mile from Canyon View Elementary and Esperero Middle  and 5 miles to Catalina Foothills High. Many parents car pool which eases the traffic at the school in AM and PM drop-off and pick up of school children. 

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