2006 versus 2005 Oro Valley Luxury Homes

Oro Valley only saw 14 homes sell over 1 million dollars in 2006; in 2005 there were 18 homes  that sold over one million.  The highest priced homes for both years  were found in Honey Bee Ridge for the 85737 zip code; the highest prices were $1,950,000 for 2005 and $1,562,500 for 2006.  In 2006 the 85755 zip code had an incredible $4,200,000 sale at LaCholla Air Park; this property was on over 16 acres and the new owner can fly to the homesite. In 2005 the 85755 zip code saw the highest sale come from Stone Canyon III at $1,443,915. The 85737 zip code really stayed pretty level as far as the average dollar per square foot goes from 2005 – 2006; however, the 85755 zip code saw approximately a 6% increase in the average dollar per square foot. The over 4 million dollar sale skewed the figures upward and it is probably safe to say that Oro Valley luxury homes just held their own as far as the final sales price is concerned from 2005 – 2006.

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