Going Green

Everywhere I read about going green, and you know, it makes sense to me! We have replaced many lights in our house with the small swirly bulbs that conserve a lot of energy; we have bought new appliances that use less energy such as our new Trom large capacity side loading washer and dryer. We have just converted our dryer from electric to gas. My plan was to buy a new 6000+ pound SUV to get the big Realtor’s tax write-off, and instead, now, I am thinking of purchasing a larger sedan than I presently have-which is BMW 318I-with a larger sedan that will offer the comfort my clients should get, but will be more energy conservative than a large SUV. We need to save the environment! Every night I give my 10 year old daughter an extra project to do with Mom.  Now she is reading the juvenile version of the book “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore to me; then we will watch the same entitled movie together.  We also have been watching “Planet Earth” narrated by Sigourney Weaver on the Discovery Channel; the HD channel has incredible sound and viewing! It reminds us that our planet is precious and we have to do what we can to alleviate global warming;  to protect endangered species and to conserve.

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