Factors Slowing Down the Tucson Luxury Homes Market in the $500,000 – $1 Million Dollar Price Range

Jumbo interest rates are back to being at least one and one half percent higher than the conforming interest rates. What this means is if you are going to get a jumbo loan–one at over 417K, you will have to pay a much higher interest rate than if you are getting a conforming loan–at 417K or less.  Additionally you must put down 20% to obtain a jumbo loan.  So this is a double-whamy for those wishing to buy a luxury home.  Most people are staying away from the jumbo loans, and as a result,  when purchasing a luxury home they have to put down a huge down payment to get down to a loan amount of 417K. For instance, when purchasing a home for $800,000, one would have to put down $383,000 to obtain a conforming loan with interest rates that are currently lower than 6.5%.  There are other areas of the country where there are highly priced homes like in the the Foothills, but many have a larger conforming loan cap up to the $700,000s. Pima County properties have conforming loan caps that are all given the same loan limit cap, and  since the average Pima County home price is much lower than the average price of a Foothills home, the cap is still only $417,000.  This unfortunately is keeping down the appreciation of homes and contributing to the slow sales in the Foothills.  This makes it more unlikely for buyers under 45 to be able to afford move-up houses, since most have not had time to save that huge chunk of money.  Additionally, since appreciation and equity in homes is erroding, the traditional method of getting money from your home sale to buy a move-up home is becoming much more difficult.

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