A New Day is Coming!

It is with heartfelt gratitude to the American people that I thank my fellow Americans who elected Obama to become our President.  As I watched TV today and saw him in Baltimore MD, which is only 25 miles away from a place I lived for 25 years – Columbia, MD., I wished I was part of the crowd. I truly believe he will do what it takes to slowly move the housing market around. He will continue to inspire many.  I have learned to never give up hope on the American people and this is what President Clinton was forever telling us: America is so capable to stepping up to the plate. I knew some day in the future we would have a minority President and a woman President, but I did not expect it this soon. I had a feeling Obama would select Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State while everyone around me said I was nuts. I knew Obama was not a small man and although she was a very ardent opponent, he knew she was the best one for the job. I applaude him and the American people for a job well done! A great day is coming next Tuesday!

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