It is Time for High-End Tucson Foothills Sellers to Get Real

It is a very serious “Buyers Market” for the over 1 million price range in the Tucson Foothills.  Although you would never know it by the way Sellers are reacting to Buyers’ Agents trying to make appointments on many of these homes. Many still want the Sellers’ Agent to be present at showing. This makes no sense whatsoever since the Listing Agent will then make the appointment according to what best suits his/her schedule. And many have no Keysafe on the front door that makes for easy access for the buyers’ agent. Many have alarm codes, however, the listing agent can give the buyers’ agent the alarm code when he/she makes the appointment. Gate codes can also be given when the agent makes the appointment.  The listing agents need to educate the Sellers–Do you really want to sell your home? If you do, then make it as easily to view as possible. The over million dollar price range is very difficult to sell now, since, finally this price range has felt the affects of depreciation. Last year was hard to sell these homes when the economic climate was questionable, but it was  “a walk in the park” to sell expensive homes compared to this year when the buyer is clearly in charge unless you are selling a model-perfect home, with drop-dead gorgeous views at a bargain price. It is time to get real!

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