Wow – We Knew it Was Coming – But it is Still so Sad! Ted Kennedy Leaves Us!

I know this is not about real estate, but I just have to say the following:

It is a huge loss for the country and Massachusetts that Ted Kennedy has passed away. I was lucky enough to grow up in Massachusetts and was constantly exposed to the bigger-than-life Kennedy family. In fact, my Dad who was a staunch Republican changed to become a Democrat once he was retired and had the time to watch C-Span on which he watched the Senate. In watching Ted Kennedy, he became an ardent Democrat.  Ted Kennedy gave his all for Massachusetts. He cared for the poor, the sick, and those who were discriminated against. Until the day he died he fought for the aspirations of his brothers- John  and Bobby. I am certain National Health Care will be attained and we will all be grateful for his enduring fight that he never gave up so the rich and poor alike would have access to affordable medical care.  He inspired so many and the dream will live on!

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