Last Year vs. This Year – Luxury Tucson Homes Sold

Today I checked how many Tucson Luxury Homes sold last year vs. this year, during the same time period. We are ahead this year by 24% in the million dollar plus price- range, and we are about the same in the $800 – 1 million dollar price- range.

 Here is how the numbers fell:

 1 million plus in 2009 (Jan 1-June 12) had 32 sales versus 42 sales in this year (2010), during the same time period.

$800,000 – 1 million in 2009 (Jan 1 – June 12) 25 sales versus 24 in this year (2010), during the same time period.

These figures indicate that the buyers of Tucson Luxury Homes priced over 1 million are buying since they believe the prices have bottomed. On the other hand, the $800,000- 1 million range is still struggling to find buyers who are perceiving prices in that range will probably still move down.

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