Last year 53 Catalina Foothills Luxury Homes Sold in the Price Range 1 Million and Over

Last year 53 luxury homes sold 1 million+; the year before there were only 33 sales in this exclusive price range. This reveals a 60% increase in high-end luxury home sales in the Catalina Foothills.

The ultra-luxurious, high-end homes in the Catalina Foothills are much more affordable than Scottsdale and most other desirable places to live in the warmer portion of the United States. Although the number of homes has increased dramatically, the prices have not and have been somewhat stable. These well-priced homes are surely not to last since the rest of the country has recovered and interest rates are escalating. Now is perhaps the best time to buy since the inventory of homes is declining.

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Click on the link below to see these 2016 homes sales 1 Mil+ in the Catalina Foothills~

53 Catalina Foothills Homes Sold for 1 Million +

The most popular communities in this price-range are as follows:

Pima Canyon                            8 sales

Ventana Canyon                     6 sales

La Paloma                                   5 sales

Skyline Country Club           4 sales

Finesterra                                  3 sales

Cat 10                                         3 sales

Sabino Mountain                  2 sales

Hacienda Del Sol                  2 sales

Cobblestone                           2 sales

The highest sale of the year was in The Canyons  at $3,250,000.