Usually the Best Tucson Foothills Home Luxury Home Investment for Snowbirds

From my view, knowing what I know now about the Tucson Foothills after having lived and sold real estate here for the past 4+ years, I think if I were a snowbird and purchasing now, these are the features I would want:  A gated community, a one-story home, and a less than 10 year old home.  Since snowbirds live here for only part of the year,  it is important to have the added security of owning in a gated community. Although it will not keep all intruders out, it acts as a deterrant. One-story homes are always easier to sell; as people age most of them prefer a one-story home, therefore, single-story homes usually appreciate more and are easier to sell than two-story homes.  Lastly, I would recommend purchasing a home that is less than 10 years old because most likely there will be less maintenance  in a newer home.  When you are not living closeby you do not want to constantly depend on others to fix your problems and, after all, one of the reasons you have purchased a second home is so your life will be more hassle-free.

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