Local Mexican Hospital in Hermosillo, Mexico gets coveted International Accreditation

Hermosillo’s Cima Hermosillo Hospital, which is located just south of Nogales off of Route 15 (about 70 miles south of Nogales in Sonora, Mexico) has International Accreditation, and has a contract with Blue Cross and Blue Shield. As a result, its new coveted status will bring many Tusconians there for much less expensive treatments.

This “World Class” hospital  is one of the first hospitals in Mexico to get this acclaimation. To its credit, it is one of 20 hospitals in the world to get this high recognition.

Estimated reduction in health care treatment prices are 60% less than in the US.  If you have Blue Cross and Blue Shield, you may want to contact them to see if the procedure you want is one of the dozen or so procedures it covers. Some of the procedures covered include gynecologic, orthopedic and cardiologic surgeries.   Or if you do not have insurance, or have a very high deductible, you may want to consider exploring having your surgery done here. Currently the hospital accommodates 60 patients. There is bi-lingual staff to help those who do not speak Spanish and most doctors are trained in the U.S.  The hospital offers assistance to those who need trip coordination from the U.S. to  the hospital in Hermosillo,Mexico.

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