Gosh, Tucson is so Much Better than Scottsdale, Especially in Summer

My family and I decided to go to Scottsdale for four days to get away while my hubby had to work a few days. We stayed at the Phoenician Canyon Suites which is a great–where we had a 1,200 square foot suite that is  part of a boutique hotel in the Phoenician Resort. The suite was very special–but it was so hot we never ventured out to the pools and during the day and we rode the golf cart  back from the spa/athletic center even though it was only 1/4 mile away– it was too hot to walk back. The mornings and the evenings after sunset never got pleasant like in Tucson; temperatures did not drop below 90 degrees at night. In Tucson we see high 60s and 70s in the AM and late PM and during the day Tucson temperatures are about 8-10 degrees lower than the Scottsdale temperatures that ranged from 103-108 degrees.  Scottsdale is congested and reminds me of LA. Tucson is lovely; surrounded by multiple mountain ranges with clear skies and lack of congestion. The shopping is better in Scottsdale and there are many more job opportunities there, but if you are looking for a second home or a retirement home I can not imagine choosing Scottsdale over Tucson. It was so good to be back!!!!

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